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In the South part of Madagascar specialy for the Bara tribe, before getting married, the young man must steal a zebu and give it to the groom’s father, this act shows that the young man can take and assume his responsibilities. People in the South are still polygamous.


These are individual tombs.


In the South region, the death of a person is a big festivity, all the defunct’s zebus will be killed, and will be shared to all the people in the village, the defunct will be buried, only after all the zebus are killed, and a part of his fortune will be used to build the tomb, the tomb’s size depends on his richness. “Aloalo”, sculpted wood are raised on the tomb, and the paintings drawn in front of the tomb often tell about the life of the defunct or his dreams, all the zebus’horns are put on the tomb. After the death of a person, his house is burnt and people change home.

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