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Madagascar is located between the Indian Ocean and the Mozambic channel with a 590.000 km2 of surface, 1.580 km long and 570 km of its widest. Separated from, Gondwane, Madagascar has the form of a left foot, which makes it easily recognisable on the world map. Comoros and Mayotte islands are in the North-East and La Réunion in the East. Crossed over by the Tropic of Capricorn next to the town of Toliara, it is the fourth biggest island after Groeland, New Guenea and Bornéo.


With a total surface of 590.000 km2, and around 22 millions of population. The Malagasy have triple origin Indonesian, Asian and African, proved by their physical feature. The Malagasy custom is composed of 22 regions, and the 18 tribes. The Merina (in the region of Antananarivo) the Betsileo (in the region of Fianarantsoa) show an Asian while the Sakalava, Antandroy, Vezo (in the South region) seem like African population, Comorians, Europeans, Pakistan and Chineses are also found there having trading as main activity.

Wherever in the island, people speak on language, the national one, the Malagasy but in coastal regions, there are dialects. French is the second language, and English the third.


Before kingship, the colonialism, Madagascar got its independence in 1960. Now Madagascar is under Democratical regime, with Hery RAJAONARIMAMPIANINA as its President.

Madagascar is a developing country, the country exports vanilla, litchis, shrimps, 80% of Malagasy people on agriculture and breeding.


You can get it upon arrival at the airport.


- In general, there are 2 seasons, but the big island is cut by 5 climatic zones.
- The dry season or winter : from April to October
- The hot, and/or rainy season : from November to March

In the center, the climate is like a subtropical type with an average annual temperature of 20°C. In the East Coast, an equatorial climate, very humid and the Coast is annually exposed to the tradewind alizés and to cyclones between January and March.


Don’t forget to bring :
- long-sleeve T.shirts, pants to protect you in parks
- light and impermeable shirts
- walking shoes, essential for trekking
- sunglasses
- sun protection
- small backpack
- lamp and batteries


- your personal medicine bag
- anti-malaria prophylactic medicine
- anti-mosquitoes spray


- The Malagasy money : Ariary is the Malagasy currency since 2003 even many people are still use the FMG.
- In Madagascar, in general you pay cash except in very big hotels and in department store like Score, Shoprite, Shopliantsoa and leader price could accept Credit Card
- There are banks and change office in each town, banks are usually closed in the afternoon and on holiday eve. But you can find a change office in the airport (open 24/7)
- Only two credit cards are used here, VISA and MasterCard, but you can also use travellers cheque.
- It is better to use ready money.


- You should visure your flight back to Tana one day before your departure for a security matter, especially in case of flight cancel by Air Madagascar.

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